What we do

  • Water supply and sewage disposal engineering systems  – we install indoor and outdoor water supply and sewage systems.
  • Excavation – we excavate trenches in open way or with trenchless technologies (under the roads, trees, rivers, railways, etc.) for laying communication and power cables, water and sewer pipes.
  • Electrical systems up to 35 kV – design of outside and inside electrical systems, installation, resistance measurement, process automation, lightning protection, power saving and compensation, electrical equipment service.
  • Automation– design and installation, intelligent building management systems (BMS), electric drive control systems, liquid and gas flow, pressure and level measurement and control, temperature measurement and control.
  • Security systems – we design, install and maintain buildings and area security systems, perimeter security systems, fire detection and alarm systems, video surveillance systems, access control systems.
  • Fiber optic networks – design, installation and maintenance, optical fiber fusion splicing, installation of fiber optic closures and optical distribution frames, measurements, consultation.
  • Integrated telecommunications and information networks solutions– data transmission networks design, installation and maintenance in business centers and factories.